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Dec 26, 2012 6:00pm PST
and no fiscal cliff negotiations have been scheduled. >> and taxpayers facing uncertainty as we head into the new year with the government on the edge of the fiscal cliff. >> for many of us, strategize might not apply this year. >> this is a different year, and there is unknown fate of two popular tax deductions for middle class. deductions for chairitable contribution asks and for home mortgages. when it comes to year end finances old rules may not add up this year. >> it's very difficult to do any type of tax planning and advising because nobody knows what is going to happen. >> much uncertainty centers around whether the united states is about to fall off that fiscal cliff. if that happens would it mean the end of the tear tax cuts. most believe taxes will go up next year. >> one of the things now is that people are advising people to get out of high dividend funds and move into tax exempt bonds that won't be taxed. >> the current negotiate yigs between the president and house speaker could mean the reduction of the general deduction for chairitable contributions. >> if i was
Dec 31, 2012 6:00pm PST
the fiscal cliff that will raise taxes for just about everybody. the white house and republicans reached some sort of compromise this, is a live shot from vice president. the vice president is on his way to the capitol to meet with democrats to get them to sign off. and we've learn that had biden and senate republican leader mitch mcconnell reached an agreement just minutes ago. abc 7 news mark matthews is monitoring developments in washington and will be bringing us latest developments. >> still to come at 6:00 it's in the bag. the bay area folks about to see big changes when they hit the checkout stand tomorrow, is that you?. >> did you receive a new cell phone for the holidays? i've got an idea on what to do with the old phone. put to it good use. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side is coming up. >> they're cutting edge. i think they're doing things differently going shake up the world. >> the young businessman making a name for themselves in wine country. they're not afraid of labels. >>> anybodying to the grocery store tomorrow is going to mts a big change. new year's day mar
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2